Joint Consultative Committe

The Committee consists of representatives of the European Economic and Social Council, the social partners and civil society. There are nine members of the Committee - three representatives of employers, trade unions and civil society organizations. Committee promotes dialogue and cooperation between social partners and other civil society organizations in the European Union and the Republic of Serbia.

The first joint meeting of the European Social and Economic Council of the Republic of Serbia was held on July 21, 2015. (More about the meeting).

Members of the Joint Consultative Committee should work on:

  • Establishing an additional institutional dialogue between the EU institutions and the Republic of Serbia;
  • Submitting recommendations to the relevant authorities in the Republic of Serbia and the EU (Government of Serbia, he Stabilisation and Association Council (SA Council), the European Parliament, European Commission);ncouraging dialogue and cooperation between economic and social interest groups in the EU and the Republic of Serbia on all economic and social aspects of the country's entry into the EU;
  • Encouraging public debate on the consequences of EU membership;
  • Strengthening of civil society in Serbia.