Accessibility of Serbia Palace

Office for Cooperation with Civil Society, Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 2, Serbia Palace, Istočno krilo, 11070 Novi Beograd

The ramp for people with disabilities is provided, altogether with the access by car to the main entrance in the facility. There are three lifts in the east wing of Serbia Palace accessible for persons with disabilities. The restaurant is located in the basement of the building and it is accessible by one elevator. On each floor there is a renovated restroom accessible for people with disabilities. Toilets are clearly marked.

Accessibility of the web-site

Usage of the web-site of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society is suitable for blind and visually impaired persons.  There are several laws and other pieces of legislations that define the rights of persons with disabilities in the Republic of Serbia.

Website of the Office for cooperation with civil society is fully accessible for the visually impaired. Each page can be zoomed in the font size, changed (contrast of the text) and printed. Most of the site is translated into English and those sections are accessible. Navigation through the web-site is possible by the keyboard. The content for the screen reader can be easily selected.

Content can be selected by using the tab key when visitor is opening the site - drop-down menus will open. Opening a particular sub-page or link can be done by pressing "enter". Each link is color highlighted.

In addition to opening links using the tab key, visitor can use the following combinations:

Ctrl + + (enlarging the size of the display content)
Ctrl + - (reducing the size of the display content)
Shift + Tab (backward link movement/navigation)
Up arrow or down arrow (move the page up and down)
Backspace (back to previous page)
Ctrl + End: (go to the bottom of the page)