Kancelarija za saradnju sa civilnim društvom The Office for Cooperation
with Civil Society
The Office has been established as an institutional mechanism to support the development of a dialogue between the Serbian Government and CSO’s


The first call for proposals under the program "Europe for Citizens"

We would like to inform all interested parties that a new call for proposals has been opened within the "Europe for Citizens" program.

In this call you can apply for proposals under Strand 1 - European Remembrance and Strand 2 - Democratic engagement and civic participation - measure 2.1. Town Twinning.

This call closes on February 1, 2019.

Priorities that are within the focus of the first strand are:

  • Civil society and civic participation in totalitarian regimes
  • Democratic transition and EU accession
  • Antisemitism, anti-Gypsyism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance - lessons for the modern moment
  • Commemorating and marking important historical events from the recent European history

1919. Peace agreements that lead to the end of World War I (including the Versailles Treaty)

1939 The end of the Spanish civil war in the European perspective

1979. European parliamentary elections

1989. Democratic Revolution in Central and Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin Wall

2004. 15 years since the EU enlargement in Central and Eastern Europe

Within the second chapter, "Democratic engagement and civic participation," the following priorities are in focus for 2019:

  • Debate on the future of Europe and Euro-skepticism, extremism and racism in Europe
  • Promoting solidarity in times of crisis
  • Encouraging intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and the fight against the stigmatization of migrants and minority groups

We also advise that prior to the preparation of the application, you should carefully look at the new Program Guide and Work Program for 2019, as well as the EACEA website.

Call for proposals within the framework of the measure 2.2. Networks of Towns will be subsequently published and the deadline for applications will be on March 1, 2019.

* During 2019 it is possible to submit project ideas related to events marked for 2020. More about historical events at https://eacea.ec

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