About us

The Office for Cooperation with Civil Society was established in 2011 by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. After years of advocacy by civil society, the Office has been established as an institutional mechanism to support the development of a dialogue between the Serbian Government and CSO’s.

The importance and role of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society is reflected in the coordination of Government and CSO’s mutual cooperation, regarding the process of creating and establishing accurate standards and procedures for including the CSO’s at all levels of decision making process.

According to its mandate, Office should provide the support to the CSO’s in the process of the defining and implementing legislative procedures altogether with public policies, and thereby contributing to a positive pressure on the governmental institutions.

Office for Cooperation with Civil Society should play an active role in creating and establishing a cooperation platform in the Western Balkans regarding overall linking in the successful implementation of political, social and economic reforms in the region.

Responsibilities of the Office

Organization of the Office
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