Department fоr planning and creating enabling environment for civil society development

Department of Planning and creating enabling environment for the development of civil society performs tasks related to:
  • Еstablishment of a mechanism for dialogue with civil society on issues of common interest;
  • Participation in the preparation and monitoring of the implementation of strategic documents relating to the creation of an enabling environment for civil society development;
  • Implementation and promotion of cooperation between public, private and civil sector and, in this regard, working with the autonomous regions and organs of local self-government;
  • Initiating adoption of regulations and other general acts regulating the status of associations and other civil society organizations;
  • Participation in the preparation of summary reports for the government on expenditure of funds to support program activities, provided and paid to associations and other civil society organizations from the budget of the Republic of Serbia;
  • Preparation of acts which the Government supervises, directs and coordinates the work of ministries and special organizations that are related to issues of civil society and cooperation between the Government and civil society;
  • Cooperation with government authorities, autonomous provinces local self-government towns and the City of Belgrade as well as with associations and other civil society organizations in the drafting of relevant documents and regulations.
Head of the Department
Milena Banović
Tel: +381 11 311 3895

Group for International Cooperation and European Integration

Group for International Cooperation and European Integration performs tasks related to:

  • Realization and promotion of international cooperation in the areas of competence of the Office;
  • Performing technical tasks related to cooperation and exchange of experience with similar government institutions in the region, the European Union and the internatioanl community;
  • Performing expert communication and develop cooperation with the competent authorities in the performance of tasks related to the use;rogramming and management of pre-accession and other EU funds to support civil society;
  • Planning and preparation, implementation and monitoring of projects financed from EU funds, budget or from other bilateral donations or donations of other international organizations and foundations;
  • Coordination of activities of international organizations, donors and projects financed by donor funds from the scope of the Office as well as other activities within the scope of international cooperation.
Head of the Group
Sanja Atanaskovic Opacic
Tel: +381 11 313 0968

Group for Legal and Financial Affairs

Group for Legal and Financial Affairs performs tasks related to:

  • Preparation of the work program of the Office and monitoring its implementation;
  • Preparation of Office reports;
  • Preparation of general regulations concerning the organization and operations of the Office;
  • Monitoring regulations and acts of the Government and ministries and coordinating the operation of the Office with these regulations; preparation of general and individual acts deciding on rights and duties of the employee from employment;
  • Human resources;
  • Administration of seminars, training, evaluation and promotion of civil servants;
  • Public procurement issues;
  • Drafting of the financial plan for the creation of a budget law and ensuring its implementation;
  • Planning and spending of funds for the work of the Office;
  • Provision of the financial and material conditions for the functioning of the Office;
  • Preparation of demands for financial resources;
  • Supervision of equipment supply, professional literature and books and stationery supplies, as well as other legal, financial and general affairs.
Head of the Group
Gordana Sarboh
Tel: +381 11 311 1657