USAID Support

Civil Society Enabling Environment Project

The Office signed on February 14th 2014 the Agreement on the implementation of the “Civil Society Enabling Environment” project, with the USAID, acting through the Assistance Agreement signed in 2010, between the Government of the Republic of Serbia and United States of America.

The overall objective of the Project is to strengthen the enabling environment for development of the civil society in Serbia and its compliance with the relevant European standards. Since the scope of work of the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society is continuous contribution to the further development and sustainability of civil society in Serbia, the realization of this Project represents additional support to the mandate of the Office.

Key expected results

The Project is conceived as a set of activities, aiming to support the process of establishing a constructive dialogue between the state administration with civil society organizations and the interested public, the establishment of mechanisms for the exchange of information between civil society and the state administration, as well as to strengthen the capacity of both state administration bodies and civil society organizations to establish more equal and productive dialogue and participatory principles of creation and implementation of public policies.

The normative framework for long-term cooperation between the two sectors will be the National Strategy for Creating an Enabling Environment for the Civil Society Development in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2015-2019, which is the created through a process, partially implemented within this Project.

Photo from signing ceremony