Information of Public Importance

The Office for Cooperation with Civil Society doesn’t deliver any kind of direct provision of services except provision the information of public importance, according to the Law on Free Access to Information of Public Importance, Article 38

(Official Gazette RS, No. 120/04,54/07, 104/09 и 36/10)

  • Consultation for CSOs
  • Organization of meetings between CSOs and republic institution;
  • Organization of video transmission of explanatory screening of negotiation chapters in cooperation with line ministries responsible for each particular chapter)
  • Informing of CSOs, republic, autonomous province and local self-government institution and general public about its activities
  • Establishment of dialog between public and civil sector
  • consultation of CSO towards possible financial resources
  • building capacities of CSOs (training and seminar)
  • Building communication and cooperation capacities of the republic, autonomous province and local self-government institutions
  • Networking of CSOs
  • Inclusion of CSOs in the public policy
  • Up to date information’s about actual open calls for proposals and other relevant news regarding enabling environment for CSO development in the Republic of Serbia

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